“The Whipping Man” a thought provoking show
By Teri Davis / World-Herald staff writer

When most people think about slavery, they think of Southern plantations during the Civil War, and of masters resembling Scarlet O’Hara’s family with slaves working in the houses and the fields.

However, that is a not a complete viewpoint.

Though rare, a few Southern plantations had Jewish owners who were immigrants fleeing their homelands of Germany, Russia and Poland searching for religious freedom and a better life. About 1.5 percent of the slave-owners were in this category. When the war began, some of these people chose to move North to become abolitionists, while a few chose to fight for the Confederacy in the belief that they were defending their homes and preserving the economy. Some actually bought slaves with the intention of giving them a better life and to keep them from the harsh plantation life of their neighbors. Read More

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