Get Involved


Volunteers are the heart of the Playhouse. They supplement its work force and bring creative energy to the theatre. For more than 85 years, they have sewn costumes and sold memberships, run lights and read lines. They have auditioned, performed, cleaned up and carried on.

Box office workers, hosts, ushers, technicians, performers, costumers, carpenters, painters and stage crews all play critical roles in raising the curtain for each performance. The quality of OCP productions is the direct result of volunteer talent guided by on-staff theatre professionals. Volunteers also provide a link with the community that can open and extend OCP to new audiences and play an important role in public education.

Volunteers are placed according to their interest, experience and availability and the theatre’s needs.

There’s a wealth of opportunities for participation at OCP. OCP needs you!

For more information about volunteering, please send an email by clicking HERE or calling at (402) 553-4890. Also, please click HERE for our OCP volunteer interest form.