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Welcome back to the Omaha Community Playhouse!

We are so excited to have you back!

To help ensure a safe and enjoyable visit, please read through our current processes and rules:

  • All audience, staff and volunteers are required to wear masks while in the building and throughout the entirety of the show. Masks will be available free of charge or patrons may bring their own. All masks must be worn properly in accordance with CDC guidelines, covering both the nose and mouth.
  • For the protection of our patrons, volunteers and staff, OCP will not allow mask exemptions of any kind, including medical exemptions. OCP will be offering an online streaming option to watch performances from home as an accommodation. Those who are unable or unwilling to wear a mask for the duration of their visit to OCP should call the OCP box office to exchange their ticket for a streaming code or to obtain a refund. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in helping us maintain the safest environment possible at OCP.
  • Audience members are required to self-screen for a fever and symptoms of illness prior to arriving at OCP. Those with fever or other symptoms may exchange their ticket at no cost. To view symptoms of COVID-19, please click here.
  • Those picking up tickets at will call are asked to adhere to the six-foot line spacing marked on the floor outside of the OCP Box Office. Plexiglass barriers have been installed in and around the OCP Box Office to better protect our patrons, staff and volunteers. Cash-free payments are encouraged and touchless credit card transactions are being offered.
  • The theatre will open 30 minutes prior to the start of the show. For those who wish to line up outside of the theatre, please adhere to the six-foot line spacing marked on the floor outside of the theatre. For those who wish to wait in the lobby, please maintain at least six feet of space between your group and other patrons.
  • For shows in the Howard Drew Theatre: Once the theatre is open for seating, ushers will help guide you to an available seat. Seating is general admission, and seats are socially distanced, with groups spaced at least 6 feet apart. Ushers may ask patrons to sit in specific areas to help maintain safe social-distancing measures.
  • In the Howard Drew Theatre, seats are pre-set in groups of two. Please do not touch any seat you do not plan to occupy for the duration of the show. If you would like a seat moved to accommodate a third member of your party, please ask an usher for assistance.
  • For shows in BOTH theatres: Once your party is seated in the theatre, please do not abandon your seats to sit elsewhere. Do not touch any seats in the theatre other than your own.
  • In the Howard Drew theatre, a plexiglass barrier surrounds the perimeter of the stage to provide a safe separation between guests and performers.
  • At the conclusion of the performance, please remain seated and wait until your group is dismissed by the ushers. Ushers will be dismissing those closest to the exit first in order to maintain safe social distancing.
  • Upon dismissal, we ask that you promptly exit the building. Please do not gather in lobbies or common areas.
  • We will no longer be hosting post-show meet-and-greets with the actors in the lobby.
  • Lobbies, reception areas and lines have been arranged and marked to encourage social distancing. Please do not congregate with patrons outside of your party.
  • Common areas and performance halls are being cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis with both cleanser and electrostatic technology.
  • All restrooms have been outfitted with touchless fixtures. Restrooms are being sanitized daily and throughout performances.
  • Public water fountains will be closed. A vending machine with water and soda will be available in the lobby.
  • For a full list of COVID-19 safety precautions in place at OCP, please click here.