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Alternative Programming Auditions


By Beaufield Berry
Directed by Dara Hogan

Virtual Auditions

Saturday February 20, 1:00 - 3:00p.m. | Monday February 22, 6:00 - 8:00p.m.
Auditions will be by appointment only via Zoom in 20 minute increments.

Please email Becky Deiber to schedule a virtual audition and to receive audition paperwork and sides.

2 Black women, one older, one younger. Both characters play multiple characters, animals and ages.

The egg that created you was formed inside your mother, in the womb of your grandmother. The blood that courses in your veins is the result of your predecessors' unions. The trauma that was forced upon your ancestors becomes the ghost that haunts their grandchildren becomes the illness that walks invisible in your body. The only way through it is to confront it or force it upon the next generation. Your child.

Bloodlines: A Nesting Doll is a ghost story about multi-generational trauma, invisible illness, matrilineality and the strength we inherit from the women we come from.


Through upholding high ethical standards, demonstrating respect for all and consciously working to provide diverse representation, OCP is committed to creating an inclusive and safe environment in which all community members feel a sense of belonging, and does not discriminate in casting practices on the basis of an individual's ethnicity, age, gender, physical and cognitive ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, country of origin or other factors. Omaha Community Playhouse is committed to diverse and inclusive casting.

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