Education & Programming

TTAP Process

There are so many great areas to do I narrow it down?

As a junior (1st year) apprentice, you will choose three areas to explore under the guide of seasoned craftsmen. As your interests and skills develop, you will choose two areas to develop further. At the end of year one, you will be prepared to apply for an apprenticeship in a specific area of concentration. As a senior apprentice, you will develop a very specific skill set in your selected area while working on various shows in the OCP season. TTAP® offers the best of both worlds: a well-rounded survey of the technical field as well as focused, applicable education.

What will I gain as a student in TTAP®?

  • VALUABLE EXPERIENCE by working side by side with industry professionals in a hands-on environment
  • REAL job experience to detail on your résumé
  • REFERENCES useful in applying for employment
  • ASSISTANCE in creating a résumé and portfolio of work
  • A NETWORK of professional contacts to provide job searches lead

For more information contact the Theatre Technology Apprenticeship Director at (402) 661-8518 or click here.