Education & Programming


2021 Classes

 All classes will meet in person and follow Covid-19 guidelines (required masks, social distancing, sanitizing spaces.) All classes will be capped at 15 students. 

Adult Classes

Acting I

Adult  |  Cost $60

Thurs. 6:15–7:30 pm

This beginning acting course is a fun way to launch into the world of acting. Through improv games and script work students will challenge creativity, overcome inhibitions, develop characters, and move onstage with purpose.

Acting II

Adult  |  Cost: $60

Thurs. 7:30–9:00 pm

In this intermediate acting course, learn how to warm-up as an actor, analyze a script, and build a character in an engaging, hands-on class. This class may be taken multiple times. Students will have the chance to build on their skills from Acting I to build characters, explore script analysis, and delve into improvisation.

Acting III

Adult  |  Cost: $60

Tues. 7:30–9:00 pm

While continuing to build on the skills from Acting I & II, learn everything from classics to contemporaries in the form of monologues and scenes in this advanced acting class.

Voiceover for Radio & TV 

Adult  |  Cost: $60

Mon. 6:15–7:30 pm

This class will explore written word, proper breathing, enunciation, characterization and focus in vocal acting. Two of the classes in this session are held off-site at a professional recording studio.

Youth Classes

Junior Players

Ages 7–10 |  Cost: $60

Sat. 10–11 am

This course is for the beginning actor. Students will work on foundational acting skills, teamwork, improvisation basics and communication skills.

Youth Players

Ages 11–14 |  Cost: $60

Sat. 11–12 am

This class helps students create strong characters, develop improvisation skills, and understand scene work with a partner.

Teen Players

Ages 13–18 |  Cost: $60

Sat. 12–1 pm

This class is for students who are continuing their training or discovering their love for theatre for the first time. The students will explore movement, vocalization, character development, and ensemble building.

Musical Theatre 

Ages 7–14 |  Cost: $60

Sat. 1-2 pm

*capped at 10 students*

For the triple threat in training, this class combines acting, singing, and dancing.

Youth Tap

Ages 8–14 |  Cost: $60

Sat. 2–3 pm

*capped at 10 students*

This course will explore the basics of tap techniques and coordination of rhythm. Students will learn a variety of tap styles from classic to Broadway to R&B!

Please contact the HFTA director at with any questions.