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Alternative Programming Presents:

Dead Bird Play

By Madeline Radcliff-Reilly | Directed by OCP Directing Fellow Charisa Ramsey | OCP Artistic Associate Kaitlyn McClincyy

In this new play by Madeline Radcliff-Reilly, everything's fine until it's not. All Alex wants is keep their porch plants alive, and all Jordan just wants is to visit their friend. An otherwise uneventful day plunges into surreal chaos when an ungodly amount of dead birds plummet from the sky and blanket Alex's yard. What is this? A freak illness? A government conspiracy? Something...darker? Just when is a good time to talk about what happened? When an apocalypse seems nigh, your choices—past, present and future—come into sharp relief.


Surya Verma Buddharaju—Jordan
Amanda Overfield—Alex

Alternative Programming Sponsors:
A Friend of the Playhouse
Fred and Eve Simon Charitable Foundation


Now Streaming:

Cancelled Cabaret

Directed by Jim Boggess & Jay Srygley

Cancelled Cabaret is a live streaming event featuring the casts of Bright Star and The Color Purple.


Justin Blackson, The Color Purple
Derek Bonin, Bright Star
Angela Jenson Frey, Bright Star
Charlotte Hedican, Bright Star
Jonathan Hickerson, Bright Star
Peggy Holloway, Bright Star
TammyRa' Jackson, The Color Purple
Almeda Lopez, The Color Purple
Mike Shelton, Bright Star
Jay Srygley, Bright Star
Daisy Sudderth, The Color Purple
Analisa Swerczek, Bright Star
Brittney Thompson, Bright Star/The Color Purple
Jerry Van Horn, Bright Star
Tom Westman, Bright Star
Mackenzie Zielke, Bright Star


Now Streaming:

One Way to Mars


One Way to Mars, a 75-minute musical audio drama by Timothy and Mallory Vallier, follows Natalie, a neuroscientist and mother, who is invited to embark on a pioneering one-way trip to Mars. But to take part, she must leave everything on Earth behind.

This is the Valliers’ reimagining of the classic Scottish ballad "The Daemon Lover." Both share themes of romance, tragedy and adventure.

Leanne Hill Carlson plays Natalie; Steve Krambeck plays her husband, Clark; and Thomas Gjere plays James, Natalie’s former colleague (and former lover), who invites her to Mars. Christi Leupold and Dustin Smith play multiple roles. Daena Schweiger directs.

Tim Vallier wrote the music and designed sound, with book and lyrics by Mallory Vallier. The script will be onscreen as the original music plays, or you can just close your eyes and enjoy listening.

Tim Vallier has composed instrumental music for several recent Playhouse non-musicals, including Native Gardens, A Raisin in the Sun and Sweat.


Now Streaming:

What A Kid Did With A Piano


This 90-minute presentation features the original music of J. Isaiah Smith, with performances by Smith, Mackenzie Zielke, Scott T. Vandentop, Breanna Carodine and Jordan Smith. Mark M. Kurtz accompanies on piano and Jordan Smith on drums.

J. Isaiah Smith wrote a musical titled Kings, Queens, and Unruly Peasants, which is featured in the show, along with several stand-alone songs and conceptual shows. He debuted What A Kid Did With A Piano at the Holland Center. In July 2019, Smith remounted a version of the show for one night at the Playhouse.

Smith, a popular performer in Playhouse musicals, appeared as Coalhouse Walker Jr. in Ragtime, Lord Farquaad in Shrek and Cosmo Brown in Singin’ in the Rain.