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Alternative Programming

Alternative Programming events are free and open to the public with an opportunity for donations. No tickets or reservations are necessary.

2020/21 SEASON

Alternative Programming events are intended for mature audiences.

Sponsor: Fred and Eve Simon Charitable Foundation | Fran and Rich Juro


by Madeline Radcliffe-Reilly

Virtual Staged Reading

In this new play, everything's fine until it's not. All Alex wants is to keep their porch plants alive, and all Jordan wants is to visit their friend. An otherwise uneventful day plunges into surreal chaos when an ungodly amount of dead birds plummet from the sky and blanket Alex's yard. What is this? A freak illness? A government conspiracy? Something...darker? Just when is a good time to talk about what happened? When an apocalypse seems nigh, your choices - past, present and future - come into sharp relief.
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by Marie Amthor Schuett

Virtual Staged Reading

Juniper, Ego and Who are each other's Three, destined to live out multiple lives together whether they want to or not. Sometimes friends, sometimes foes, they are put to the test to solve the crazy equation of life. Is there a reason for it all or not? This new love story is here to answer the unanswerable.


on an anxious night in november, 2020

by Daena Schweiger

Virtual Staged Reading

Cast Size: 1F (late 40s to early 50s)

Angela Robinson has spent her life documenting moments in time as a professional photographer. Her "dipping her toes" into the world of podcasting is an extension of that documentation. But what began as a fun-hearted examination of, and commentary on, her profession becomes instead a series of podcast episodes reflecting on key moments that shape her life, and in some instances, shaped the world she lives in. Angela is about to take her audience on a very personal journey, one that may be as uncomfortable to listen to as it is for her to record. But she is bound and determined to document these moments and share them for anyone out there who will listen.

A Note from the playwright:
The play touches on strong themes including racism and sexual assault. There is a rape that occurs in Angela's life, and the scene is somewhat graphic in the retelling. There is mild swearing.